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Mt character

Post  Namio on Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:49 am

Name: Honni Veri
Appearence: messy mid back black hair and light blue eyes, wears mostly black and light blue clothes...elbow sleeved shirts and knee length pants. black barret with glowing light blue eyes.
Abilities: to be able to see annother ones move before hand to a certain point,strength and ninjutsu.
Height: 5 ft 8
Speical eyes: eyes glow and the undead is in her control.....(those who are already dead) skulltens.
personality: quiet,smart,mean.
Weapons: her barret skull turns into a black sword.
Likes: blood,fighting, training, black butterflys
other info: doesnt know much of her past and would like to find out about it. has a tatto on her left shoulder for some strange reason. can summon hell butterflys which can either send the enemy to hell or postion them and it is up to her what they do.
ex-Village: Amegakure (hidden sound)
Rank :now missing ninja
Wears her cloak: Regualrly but added a hood to the cloak.

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